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Developing in a production-like environment increases your confidence that you'll observe the same bugs that would also show up in production, earlier in your development cycle.

But tapping the production-like environment often means a major trade-off: your development experience suffers.

While previously you only had to run a couple local processes, which most developer workflows are optimized for, now you need to worry about container builds, container deployments, port forwarding, logs, etc.

Namespace recognizes this and tries to bridge this gap: even though it deploys to a container-based system, it offers you the most important features you'd expect when developing locally:

  • Changes made locally are automatically delivered to the application, whether it's individual JavaScript files, or new incremental builds of a whole servers.
  • Ports and logs are forwarded automatically, as if you'd be running the process locally.
  • [Planned] connecting with a debugger to a running server is effortless.